CAI Game Book

The CAI Game BookTM is a patented playbook (U.S. patent number 9424615, granted August 23, 2016) that delivers the proper decision for any scenario from the opening kick to the end of the game – customized for each weekly match-up.  This comprehensive book consists of a series of color-coded charts that provide coaches with the statistically optimal recommendation for each go/punt/field goal decision based on time remaining, point differential and team-related factors.  The CAI Game Book illustrates game-management recommendations from the opening kick to the end of the game so coaches can use it in real-time.

Below are some examples of CAI Game Book pages for various punt, field goal, or go for it decisions.

GB Pic 9

GB Pic 8

GB Pic 5

GB Pic 4

GB Pic 11


“Championship Analytics puts us in the best position to win each game. The CAI Game Book is a vital tool as we prepare each week, and it guides our in-game decision-making, as well. CAI is an asset that would benefit any coaching staff!”
Seth Littrell
North Texas head coach